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We are in constant interaction with our environment, allowing us to stay in motion and to create a link between ourselves and other living beings, through our breathing, our speech, our touch or our way of thinking.

Through this blog post, we want you to discover and explore the beneficial effects of combining our organic and holistic products, based on hemp and CBD with a regular and continuous practice of Yoga. Reveal your true potential that will allow you to live in harmony with the natural world around us.

You are what you receive and we bring you a great gift: promote your health and make life energy flow freely in and out of your body and mind.

We are living in a modern society where it’s not uncommon to feel anxiety throughout the day. Between work, studies and social life we have so much going on all at once that can make us stressed out or even more prone towards mental illness like depression which affects many people today. It seems almost impossible to get rid of this feeling of anxiety which becomes harmful for our productivity but above all, for our well-being.

Yet, taking time for yourself is an essential action to get rid of stress. This is why many people practice yoga: they want their mind and body to calm down so that tension doesn’t accumulate inside them anymore. In order to maximize sessions more and more yogis are using CBD on a daily basis for these benefits on body and mind.

CBD helps your Yoga practice, your body and your mind

In our over-stressed, plugged into everything world there is no way to truly focus on yourself. That’s where yoga comes in, teaching you how to reacquire your mind and find peace. Yoga has been shown time after again as an invaluable tool for dealing with stress because it helps develop mental clarity while toning muscles throughout the entire body at once! The practice of yoga requires knowing how to detach from distractions. A much more difficult exercise than you think!

CBD is a molecule that helps you focus and concentration, which makes it perfect for yoga sessions. The relaxing effects of this supplement combined with its mental clarity will allow your mind to be in optimal condition while exercising.

According to scientific studies, CBD is a molecule that is really beneficial for concentration, attention and relaxation, which makes it perfect for those who need some time away from their busy lives and improve mindset.

“Ganja Yoga”, an ancestral practice

With a 5000-year old practice like yoga, it’s not surprising that people have experienced the wonderful combination of yoga and Hemp CBD long before us. And Hemp has been used in rituals and spiritual practices for centuries. In the Hindu tradition, yogis have always consumed a preparation made from cannabis, milk and spices called Bhang. This is an integral part of their relaxation ritual and this tradition continues today.

In the past, the great yogi masters did not specifically consume CBD, but used hemp flowers often containing high concentrations of THC. Therefore, the effects were quite different from what you can experience from consuming therapeutic hemp today. With CBD, there is no psychoactive, sedative or overly euphoric effect. Only calming, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is not a drug, but simply a natural alternative to help you find inner peace, at least for the time of a yoga session.

Below are 5 good reasons to practice Yoga with CBD regularly

Yoga is an ancient discipline that consists of accepting the present through the practice of calming mental tribulation. The word comes from Sanskrit and its etymological meaning is “union”, “connect”. The practice of yoga and meditation is one of the tools that have accompanied the human to free himself from diseases, bad thoughts, depression and its ultimate goal is to achieve inner happiness.

 Many yoga practitioners find that CBD enhances the experience by relieving body pain, inflammation, and anxiety, as well as regulating our mood. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which modulates the daily activities of the body, stimulating it to produce more natural cannabinoids that help relieve physical and mental stress, which helps you before starting your day, exercise and meditation.

How can this wonderful plant that is Hemp can improve your sessions and your daily life?

Body Relaxation

Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory abilities and it promotes relaxation of the body during and after training. Relaxing your body before any yoga session is very important so as not to take the risk of injuring yourself and CBD can very effectively help you with this.


Yoga sessions very often begin with meditation. It’s an important moment that helps us relax our mind and body. Consuming CBD 30 minutes before meditation helps focus and find inner peace.

Help to improve concentration

We all sometimes have moments of doubts and anxiety generated by our daily lives. This reduces our concentration and makes it more difficult to practice Yoga. The relaxing benefits of CBD can help us regain our focus and our peace of mind.

Facilitates your yoga postures

Yoga is very varied and includes several currents such as Kundalini, Vinyasa or Hatha. Some asanas practiced in these different types of Yoga require a lot of body strength to maintain the posture. Some research claims that the interaction of CBD with the immune system and T cells decreases the production of lymphocytes which are responsible for inflammation. The benefits of yoga are aimed in particular at improving cell circulation, regenerating organs and relieving the sore body through a sedentary lifestyle.

Body and Mind Recovery

The practice of Yoga can generate a certain tension in the muscles due to the frequency of the sessions or the difficulty of certain postures. CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that help improve the body’s recovery.

How to combine CBD and Yoga in a healthy way?

There are many ways to consume CBD, but it’s best not smoked. There is a choice between oral products like oils and creams which can be ingested sublingually or eaten as food. Skin applications such as lotions you put on your hands or face (or other parts) is also a good solution. CBD flowers and resins can be consumed in your culinary preparations, in your herbal teas or through vaporization.

  • With CBD oils, you can experience faster the benefits of cannabidiol. Simply put a few drops under your tongue before heading out for yoga and enjoy!

  • Crushing the CBD resins and flowers into a fine powder gives you more options for consumption. incorporating them into dishes or herbal teas before your session can give benefits that range from soothing to stimulating.

  • As mentioned above, you can also use CBD creams for body application. However, the effects may take longer to appear.

Is it effective to take CBD after Yoga practice?

You can take CBD after the yoga session to promote muscle recovery and restful sleep. It is quite possible for you to consume it before and after training to multiply the benefits.

Are there any risks in combining physical activity with CBD?

CBD is not a doping or narcotic product, it is simply a natural substance from hemp that improves your well-being. In any case, according to scientific studies conducted so far, taking CBD before or after physical activity does not pose any danger to your health.

You now know more about the combined benefits of CBD, meditation and Yoga. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to us via our contact form.

Enjoy Every day.
Encourage your self-love.


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