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What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule found in hemp plants that is also known as cannabis. CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids like CBG, THC or CBN. It is the second most common cannabinoid in hemp plants. CBD does not have a narcotic or psychotropic effect. There are around 200 according to the WHO. CBD is famous for its calming and relaxing effects on the human body by acting positively on the nervous system. It relieves some inflammatory diseases and is used for these purposes in some countries.

What is the difference between CBD and cannabis?

CBD is a molecule derived from the cannabis plant. What is commonly referred to as cannabis refers to hemp / cannabis plants containing THC. A cannabinoid with psychotropic and addictive effects, considered a narcotic.

Both CBD and hemp plants for extracting CBD come from cannabis. But CBD has nothing to do with THC-based cannabis.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD and THC are both derived from the hemp plant. They belong to the family of cannabinoids which act on the endocannabinoid system and receptors in the nervous system. But in their effects, they are totally opposed. CBD calms and calms the nervous system. It does not produce any psychotropic effects, it does not make you high and does not make you stoned. Another important point is that CBD is not addictive.

It’s a whole different thing with THC. It is renowned for its psychotropic effects. It changes the state of consciousness and the perception of its consumer.

What are the effects of CBD?

Cannabidiol is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. It helps to fight stress, insomnia. It is a good ally for joint and muscle pain.

CBD tends to regulate mood. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight diseases such as eczema or psoriasis. In case of pain, you can take CBD whose analgesic virtues are no longer to be presented.

Is CBD dangerous for health?

CBD is a completely safe product. It acts positively on health. It is a formidable ally against certain inflammatory diseases and against pain. WHO (World Health Organization) confirms that it is not harmful or toxic to your health.

Is it legal to consume CBD?

Consuming CBD is legal in France and in Europe. You can consume CBD flower like all derivative products: CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, CBD candies, CBD concentrates …

Cannabidiol as such is not considered to be a narcotic product. It is therefore not prohibited by law.

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